CUISINE Shelf White (UPC 810019990496)
CUISINE Shelf White (UPC 810019990496)
CUISINE Shelf White (UPC 810019990496)
CUISINE Shelf White (UPC 810019990496)

CUISINE Shelf White (UPC 810019990496)

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Keep Your Cookware, Bakeware, Cutting Boards, and Cookbooks Organized to Feel Like a Gourmet Cook and to Make Appetizing Meals for Your Family…
Make Storage Much More Efficient: The kitchen storage rack is very easy and flexible to use, you can use it inside your cabinets or on your countertop for organizing, decluttering and displaying. The rack is functional to use for your cookware lids so you can stack your pans for more efficient storing. It is ideal for frying pans too, it will prevent your pans from getting scratched, chipped or damaged and will give you the option to store them with ease, the handles of your pans won’t get in your way every time you must put anything away.
Keep Your Bakeware and Cookware Separated: Easily put away and grab your muffin tins, cookie sheets, frying pans, cookware lids and cutting boards to make working in the kitchen fun not frustrating.
Perfect for Displaying Cookbooks: If you love purchasing cookbooks and have a good collection of them you can use the storage rack as a cookbook holder and stand. Feel like a gourmet cook, and try new recipes confidently when your cookbooks are organized, on display, and at your fingertips all the time.
The Kitchen Storage Rack Will Give You the Opportunity To: Great space saving storage rack to use inside your cabinets, don’t let your lids fall off the shelf and difficult to retrieve, organize your lids, frying pans, cookie sheets, baking pans, cutting boards, cookbooks, and many more.

Color: White
Material: Wood
Pot Rack’s Dimensions: L 27.5” x W 11” x H 8”

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